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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Funny Cup Mug designs with faces Photos And Wallpapers

Mugs! there is nobody who has not seen mugs. But, probably a mug with human face is different than a normal mug. Already we have seen branded mugs for a branded Tea. But this time we gonna show you some strange mugs collection with human face..

Well about this mugs I have no informations to be mentioned. (via)

These are Greg Mugs. (via)

This is another coolest mug (via)

This mug obtained (via)

These mugs explain face emotions. (via)

Nothing much to say about this. but, really cool (via)

These are called Obama Mugs. This is all about Pr. Obama..(via)

This creative mugs from (via)

This is an oddy design. (via)

Even this collection is a creative one (via)

I have found some more collections and since those are from different sites, i cant give you the informations for those

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