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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Cute Sms Free Texs Messages Cute

Cute Text Messages

There r Two Kind
Of People In This World

1-Those Who Remember Names


2-Those Whose Names r Remembered

Choice Is Yours

Golden Words Text Messages

Success is a journey,
not a destination.

Ben Sweetland

Cute English Text Messages

How much can sum1 care?

A man suffring frm brain tumor died.

His wife opned his cupboard

n found sum tablets wid a letter

"take them dear.

U catch cold easily when u cry."

Todays Thought Text Messages

ThoughT <

One Thing Tht Push

You Toward Future

Iz You 'PasT' . . <:

Golden Words Text Messages

"Kbi b kisi ese shakhs ko
nazar andaz na kro jo tmhari
boht perwa krta ho,

warna kisi din tmhen ehsas hoga
k pathron ko ekattha krte krte
tmne heera ganwa dia."

Cute Sms Text Messages

Nice thoughts

1. Don''t Compare ur self with any 1 in this world.
If u so insulting ur self.

2. u r not responsible 4 what people think about u.
Nut u r responsible 4 what u make them 2 think about u!

Life Is To Short.

Life is too short.
If we work Good.
If we work Bad.

In 2 cases life will
SO if we work good than
we are died peacefully.

Enjoy Life Moments

Time Is River…
You Can’t Touch The Same Water Twice,

Because The Flow That Has Passed
Will Never Pass Again.


Thinking Of You

Look At Sun And You See Time.
Look In Heart And You See Love.
Look In Eyes And You See Life.
Look At Your Mobile And
You See Who’s Thinking Of U!
It’s Me.

Golden Words


1-Dosti Karne Se Pehle Surat Ko Nahi Sirat Ko Dekho.
2-Acha Dost Wo Hai Jo Tumhe Khush Dekh K Khush Ho.
3-Asal Dost Wo Hota Hai Jisay Door Reh K B Mohabat Ho.
4-Dost Ki Qadar Karo Kyun K Dosti Bohut Azeem Rishta Hai.
5-Dost Ko Nasihat Akele Mai Karo Aur Uski Tareef Mehfil Mai

Make A Heart Which Never Breaks

Make a heart which never breaks,
make a smile which never hurts,
make a touch which never pains,
make a friendship which never ends

Sacrifice Is Greater Than Love

Sacrifice is greater than Love,
Character is greater than Beauty;
Humanity is greater than Wealth,
But nothing is greater than Friendship.

Dosti Pheli Mulakaat Se Akhri

C=h=a=n=d ki dosti raat se subah tak,
s=u=r=a=j= ki dosti subah se shaam tak
par hamari
pehli mulakaat se akhri

That’s Life !!

When I got enough confidence,
The stage was gone.

When I was sure of losing,
I won.

When I needed people the most,
They left me.

When I learnt to dry my tears,
I found a shoulder to cry on.

When I mastered the skill of hating,
Somebody started loving me.

That’s Life!!!!
Enjoy life…..!

Success Is Like Tip Of The Tail

Success is like tip of the tail !!!
If cat runs to catch the tail.
It has to keep running forever.
But if it walks in its own style.
Tail follows!!
Live life with your own rules….

To The World

To the world
you may be just 1 person

But, to 1 person,
you are the WORLD.

What Is More Important To You?

One day u will ask me:
What is more important to you,
me or your life?

I will say: my life…
You will walk away from me
without knowing that U R MY LIFE!!!

Wo Sacha Pyar Hai

Rulana Har Kisi Ko Ata Ha

Hasana Har Kisi Ko Ata Ha

Rula K Jo Mana Le Wo Sacha Yar Ha

Or Jo Rula K Khud B Aansu Bahaye

" Wo Sacha Pyar Ha "

Love And Friendship Were Walking

Once upon a time
love and friendship
were walking in village.
Love fall in dug because love is blind.
friend ship also fall because
friend ship can do every thing for love

You Will Never Cry

If i had
one last wish
before i die …

My last wish
would be that ,
you will never cry

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