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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

28 WAYS TO MAKE A Girl Smile...(for boys)

28 WAYS T0 MAKE A Girl Smile . And with good answers J

[1] tell her she is Beautiful. not hot or fine.
Cupid Dude I prefer calling any girl hot!

[2] hold her hand at ANY moment even if it is just for a second.
Abe ek sec haath pakadne mein bhi current lagta hai

[3] Kiss her on the forehead
I surely would love to do so.... Blow A Kiss

[4] leave her voice messages to wake up to. Sorry cant do that. Reliance dosent have this feature

[5] ALWAYS tell her you love her at any & and all times.
I Love You I Love You I Love You I Love You Pagal hai kya piche hi pad jayegi

[6] when she is upset, hold her tight & tell her how much she means to u
Big Hug Dude leave a girl when she is upset.... otherwise all the anger gets diverted to you

[7] recognize the small things ..they usually mean the most.
Sorry boss mujhe badi badi baatein to yaad nahin can i remember small things

[8] call her Sweetie or BABY
Sweetheart This I can do ;-)

[9] Sing to her no matter how horrible your voice is
Opera Dude do you want the girl to stay there at least for a day with me or not?

[10] pick her over all the OTHER girls you hang out with
Then how do I get new girls in life?

[11] write her notes. (she loves them)
You Are My Love I surely would love to do that.... i am starting to do it by taking notes at least for my project

[12] introduce her to family & friends as your girlfriend
Wah beta tu to shaadi karwa ke hi rahega meri

[13! ] play with her hair.
Abe haath fas jate hain.... .

[14] pick her up, tickle her, & play WRESTLE with her.
Koi whistle karna sikha do plzzzzzz

[15] sit in the park & just TALK to her.
Its too hot in delhi....aur agar park mein gaye to policewale ko paise tu dega?

[16] tell her funny jokes, tell her stupid jokes, just tell her joke
That I can do..... kinda joke in myslef only

[17] throw pebbles at her window in the middle of the night just because u missed her.
I Miss You Yeah yeah so that her dad wakes up n makes m pay for the broken window

[18] let her fall asleep in your arms
I prefer sleeping before the gal....mere ! ko kaafi neend aati hai.... n girls talks...they make me even more sleepy

[19] carve your names into a TREE.
Gurgaon mein ped pehle dikha de

[20] if she`s mad. Kiss her
! gadhe is she is mad..... r u nuts that rue still going around with her

[21] give her piggyback rides
Aur agar 60 kg ki hui to :-(

[22] bring her flowers just because
Bouquet They are free....

[23] treat her the same around your friends as you do when you`re alone
abe gadhe....there are a lotta things which you shld do in private....thappad khilayega kya?

[24] look her in the eyes & Smile
In Love Look in her eyes and laugh...girls are funny yaar

[25] let her take as many pictures as she wants
Yeah with the digicam you can do that..... but then keeping them without losing them..... kinda diff job

[26] SL0W DANCE with her, even if there isn't any music playing
Log pagal samjhenge

Blow A Kiss Hmmmm....that I can think of

[28] if you`re in love with her tell her
If you are in love kill yourself.... thats better !!

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